Top-Quality Automatic Gearbox and Transmission Diagnostics in Brisbane

Have a problem with your transmission? You need a diagnosis before you can find the right remedy.
Modern day automatic transmissions use dozens of external sensors and control modules to create a smooth shift. This means a transmission fault may not actually be inside the automatic transmission.
It can be expensive to overhaul or recondition an automatic gearbox, which is why it is important to know that you are fixing the right part. Accurate automatic gearbox diagnostics will ensure that the right components are replaced, rather than simply throwing parts or a new transmission at the vehicle and costing you more money.

Your diagnostic includes.

There’s no better team in Brisbane to call for automatic transmission diagnostics than First Class Automatics. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to quickly, accurately and affordably identify any faults, and recommend the most suitable course of action.
Your automatic transmission diagnostic includes:

    • Diagnostic scan – Our diagnostic scan tools will tell us if the control module has picked up a fault.
    • Road test – A simple road test can sometimes be the best way to diagnose an automatic transmission fault. 15 years of repairing modern day automatics has given us a feel for how a healthy transmission should drive.
    • Visual inspection – We will visually inspect the transmission and condition of the oil and inspect the transmission for any signs of failure or leakage.

If any repairs are required, we’ll write up a fixed quote on any work that needs to be done. This ensures that if you do proceed, you know exactly what’s being done and how much it will cost.

automatic gearbox diagnostics Brisbane

Diagnostic starts from $129

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