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Regular servicing reduces automatic transmission repairs and saves you dollars in the long run.

The automatic gearbox is one of the hardest working components in your vehicle. To maximise the life of your transmission, it is important to maintain the quality of oil and eliminate contamination.
automatic gearbox transmission service Brisbane
An automatic transmission service can pinpoint faults before they cause more issues, reducing the cost of repairs or an overhaul as a result. For example, a service would identify an oil leak coming from your transmission before it ran out of oil and damaged any internal components. Having the issue fixed with a far cheaper and less time-consuming automatic gearbox repair is far more favourable than the alternative.
To put it simply, your transmission will last longer the better you look after it. Oil quality and running temperature play a huge role in how long your transmission lasts.

What is involved in an automatic gearbox service?

The automatic gearbox servicing we offer our Brisbane customers is much more than just draining and filling the oil. We will:

  • Road test and scan your vehicle.
  • Visually check over the transmission, looking for oil leaks or issues.
  • Drop the sump of the transmission and inspect the sump for signs of failure.
  • Replace the old filter with a new one.
  • Clean the sump, replace the pan gasket and refit the sump.
  • Refill the transmission with quality oil which meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Adjust the transmission band and/or kick down cable on older vehicles where applicable.
  • Road test the vehicle to ensure correct operation.
  • Give you a report on the state/quality/function of your transmission.

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