Automatic Gearbox Rebuilds, Reconditioning and Overhauls in Brisbane

Why do I need an automatic transmission overhaul? What does it involve?

Transmissions are a hard-working part of your vehicle, and they inevitably face issues at one point or another. Whether it be from old age or anything else, it’s important for any Brisbane driver to ensure any problems are properly addressed.

Sometimes, the fault in the automatic is internal; something has failed inside the transmission and it needs to be taken out of the car, stripped down and repaired or overhauled/reconditioned.

In an automatic gearbox overhaul, the gearbox is taken out of the car and stripped down and cleaned. Internal components are replaced and the transmission is put back together before being put back in the car.

What is replaced in an automatic transmission reconditioning?

  • All internal parts that wear:
    • Clutches
    • Seals
    • Bushes
    • Bearings
    • Filter
    • Bands
  • Rings
    • Washers
  • Electrical components
    • Solenoids
    • Internal speed sensors
    • Internal range sensors
  • Torque converter
    • Every automatic gearbox reconditioning service comes with a reconditioned torque converter
  • Oil
    • We only use oil that meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications

The importance of taking care of your transmission

If there is any kind of fault in your vehicle’s gearbox, the risk of further damage becomes far greater the longer it goes unaddressed. What starts as a small problem can turn into a huge headache that costs more time and money than it should have. Luckily, we’re here to take the stress off your shoulders and ensure your transmission stays in top condition. If an overhaul, rebuild or recondition is required, we’ll give you a fixed quote and get it done with a fast turnaround time.
automatic gearbox reconditioning Brisbane

Find out if your gearbox needs a rebuild

Talk to the specialists from First Class Automatics about whether your vehicle needs an automatic transmission, rebuild or reconditioning. Give us a call (07) 3050 1917 or 0487 506 366. Alternatively, drop us a line at or contact us through our online enquiry form.